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Accessorizing: 3 Types of Jewelry to Experiment With 

No outfit is truly complete without accessories – scarfs, hats, belts, etc are all essentials in any wardrobe. Jewelry is a particularly versatile accessory that can be worn for every occasion, from charity benefits to visiting assisted living facilities. Yet most people tend to stick with one type of jewelry. Why not experiment and stand out? 

Here are three types of jewelry to try out and make your outfits stand out.


Rings are an easy way to accessorize your look. Whether you prefer statement rings or more delicate, subtle pieces – there is something for everyone. For example, if you’re going for a bold and eye-catching look, try wearing several rings on one hand. Or if you want something more elegant, wear a single gemstone such as a diamond ring. 

When shopping for rings you want to make sure you select a ring size that fits you comfortably. If it’s too loose, it may slip off your finger; if it’s too tight, it will be uncomfortable to wear.  Also, consider your skin tone with the metal of the ring – does gold look best, or is silver more flattering?


Anklets are another way to spruce up your look. When done right, they add an extra element of fun and style to any outfit as there’s a variety from delicate metal anklets to more eye-catching beaded styles. They can even be layered together for a more unique effect. 

When buying anklets, make sure to measure your ankle beforehand so that you get the right length for a comfortable fit. Also, think about quality. Invest in well-crafted anklets that are built to last as poorly made pieces will not hold up over time. 

Belly Chain 

Belly chains are an underrated way to accessorize, projecting creativity and confidence. You can go the simple yet fun route by wearing a single chain, or go for a quirky, interesting look by wearing several different belly chains around your waist.

When buying belly chains you want to select a style that matches your personality and goes well with what you have in your wardrobe. Look for a design that speaks to you. You also want to measure your waist beforehand so that you get the right length for a comfortable fit. 

Also, make sure the metal of your choice – gold, silver, or even stainless steel is of high quality. Few things are as stressful as having to constantly clean off the rust from your jewelry.

By selecting jewelry pieces that fit your personal style and wardrobe, you can easily express yourself and make any outfit stand out. Experiment with different pieces, such as rings, anklets, and belly chains to create a unique look that you’ll love. And don’t forget to invest in quality-made jewelry that will last and won’t tarnish easily or break over time. 

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