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Bedding Singapore: 2 Types Of Sheets That You Must Know About

Also known by the name of bedclothes or bed linen, bedding Singapore refers to all kinds of mattresses that are laid above the bed with the aim of providing warmth and hygiene to the person who sleeps on that bed. It also adds to the decoration of a bedroom. General furnishings like sheets blankets covers, etc that are used on the bed come under the category of bedding.


What are the different types of sheets used in bedding Singapore?

There are several types of bedding that you can buy for your bed from the market but we have elaborated the two most important types of bedding sheets that you must know about.

Top sheet

This is usually a flat sheet that is placed between the dozer and the main blanket. They are laid in such a way that they do not touch the sleeper directly on the bed.

Bottom sheet

The bottom sheet is also known by the name of the fitted sheet and it is laid directly above the mattress. The bottom sheet comes directly into the contact of the person who sleeps on the bed. The elasticity prevents the slipping of this sheet. The main function of the bottom sheet is to give the mattress clean and tidy by acting as a cover above it.

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