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How to Improve your Product Packaging

Custom corrugated boxes and displays need strategic designs to make a strong impact. Boxes and displays that are correctly sized can reduce shipping costs, minimize damage, and hold product properly. In fact, it can also support stacking strength. All of these will lead to lower overall costs. Keep reading to know how to improve the design of your product packaging:

Structural Designs for Corrugated

If you create the structural design, you must comply with certain requirements to ensure a quick and successful transfer. You need to focus on correct file preparation. First, ensure the design is made to scale which means clearly identified dimensions, line types, and creases. Also, allowance must be considered. When folding corrugated by a crease or a perforation line, allowance can be from 1/16” to 3/8”, depending on the grade of the board and flute size.

Improving your Packaging

Using great product packaging will significantly affect the overall appeal of your product. Below are some ways to improve your packaging:

  • Use boxes that fit your product. As you assess the size of a box, ensure there is around 2 inches of dead space between the product and the outer box.  Using boxes that fit your product will help you save on inner packaging, ensure efficiency and less product movement, as well as save on shipping charges.
  • Use specialty boxes which increase efficiency. The operation of every company is different, thus, the same box style doesn’t have to be the same. Find ways to enhance efficiency. For instance, when taping boxes require a big amount of labor time, consider 1, 2. 3 bottom, two-sided rollover with lid, or crash lock bottom.
  • Use the right packaging combination. Packaging is meant to protect the product inside them so they have to withstand the demands of storage and distribution. For instance, if 32ECT fails, consider increasing to 44ECT. But, changing the paper and board combination can be a better and more cost-effective option. Consider using 32C; however, with a heavy medium.

  • Simplify logistics. Careful planning allows the use of many shipping containers for multiple applications. For instance, in case you are currently using a standard RSC shipping box that you ship to retailers, fulfillment centers, or warehouses, think about adding a tear away lid. This way, the person opening the container will avoid cutting through the box and damaging the product inside it. Also, this offers an organized tray or retail package.

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