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6 Biggest Fashion Faux-Pas To Avoid at Any Age

There are some things that look great when you’re 20 that look downright horrifying when you’re over the age of 70. Yet there are some things that are better left alone at any age.  If you’re looking to stay hip and look your best, then make sure that you avoid these fashion faux pas at all costs.

Visible Panty Lines

Also known by its popular acronym, of “VPL,” these are a major no-no in the fashion world. If you’re wearing form fitting pants, it’s critical that you wear undergarments that aren’t going to give you a grandma derriere. Even though you might think that no one will notice, someone will. If you want to look your best, remember, opt for a string, or wear a longer shirt.


Sure, maybe holes became popular in clothes, but stains will never be in style. Even though you might think an innocent small stain may not be noticeable to the eye, it is, and you may be perceived as a dirty or unprofessional person. If you can’t get a stain out, then you should seriously consider only wearing the shirt at home, or only for doing projects like painting.

Oversized Clothes

Unless you’re intentionally going for the Billie Eilish look, you should avoid wearing overly baggy clothes, since it can give you an unflattering physique.  Usually T-shirts are OK to wear oversized, but anything else can make you look like a child dressing up in their parents closet. Try to stay as close to your true size as possible, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Unironed Clothes

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone look like a raisin fresh out-of-the-box. Don’t even consider stepping out of the house in wrinkled clothes which clearly need to be ironed. This applies to both females and males. If you absolutely don’t have time to iron, then consider throwing the clothing item in the dryer for 10 minutes to see if it helps. If it doesn’t, then save that outfit for another day— please!

Socks and Sandals

Even though you might see people in the Pacific Northwest sporting this horrifying look, doesn’t mean it’s OK. 

Unless you are a geisha, don’t even consider putting on sandals with socks. Sandals are meant to be worn as sandals, and socks are meant to be worn with shoes, it’s really that simple.


We get it, your slippers are super comfortable and much more cozy then walking around in regular shoes. However, if you wear your slippers outside of the home, you might as well be heading straight to Walmart.  This is the only destination which may be appropriate for wearing slippers instead of shoes.

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