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Revamping Your Bedroom: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bedside Table

You should make a few key considerations when selecting bedside tables for your bedroom to ensure you get the style you want and something that will work for you.

Many people think of bedside accents as like “earrings” for your bed; they provide a coordinating piece of furniture that completes the design and feel of your bedroom.

It’s up to you whether you choose two separate items or a matching pair. Whatever style you decide on, your bedside tables must be useful—they should provide additional storage and be the ideal spot to put down a book or hold a vase of fresh flowers.

Here are my best recommendations for selecting a bedside table, whether you’re trying to change your bedroom’s design or just giving it a makeover.


Make sure the bedside table you choose has enough surface space for storing or displaying the items you use daily. This might be a reading light beside your bed, a drink of water, a book, a candle, a bouquet, or a spot to set down your reading glasses. Opt for a bedside table with drawers for a more understated aesthetic—you can stash everything out of sight!

The majority of items that we often keep on our bedside tables, such as medicine, extra change, and electronics, may be transferred to other areas of your home, which can reduce clutter and improve your sleep quality.


If you want to add uniqueness to your bedroom, avoid buying the matching bedroom set. It might seem more catalogue-like when everything is uniform, making creating your own unique design more difficult. Go beyond the typical bedside table. In addition to serving a practical purpose, a chair, ladder shelf, or pile of used milk crates or luggage may make an eye-catching statement. Just remember the previous advice and try out some new possibilities!


It’s okay to match your bedside tables. As long as there is a unifying element between the two styles, combining two distinct looks may work just as well. This might be the same colour, shape, or size.

For example, one side of the bed would have more space for a bigger console or chest of drawers, while the other would have a smaller table with the same wood finish. Alternatively, you may choose a feminine table of comparable size and form for her and a more manly one for his side.

Once again, feel free to experiment and establish a space that suits you.


You should carefully consider the colour and material choices you choose since they will influence the overall look of your bedroom. Natural elements like rattan or white-washed wood may provide a coastal, beachy vibe. Metal and wood can create a more industrial vibe.

You may get ideas about what works for each style by browsing through design publications or internet resources, after which you can use the inspiration to build your appearance.


There always needs to be more storage! The ability of a bedside table to store things is one of its most useful features. Think about the surface area first. A smaller surface area will do if you want a neat, uncluttered appearance, but a greater surface area is required to add decorative objects or showcase a huge bedside light. The nightstand’s storage capacity is the next factor to take into account. Think about the items you want next to your bed, such as books, eye masks, reading glasses, and medicine. There is an infinite list. When an opening cupboard-type storage area is more suited for keeping goods like clothes, slippers, or other random items, a drawer choice is more practical for quick access when lying in bed.

In summary:

Lastly, consider if you need a bedside table in lounges. Despite being a rather typical piece of bedroom furniture, having one is unnecessary! While you’ll probably need a surface near your bed, there are other options than the conventional nightstand. Bookcases, statement chairs, console tables, compact workstations, floating shelves, and stools are a few of our favourite substitutes for bedside tables.

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