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Does your dog need a coat?

People wear a coat to protect themselves from rain, bad weather etc., and to stay warm on cold days. But humans are not the only creatures who benefit from wearing a coat on cold, windy and rainy days: some dogs do too. To determine whether your dog should wear a coat depends on several factors like its kind of fur. If you do not know whether your dog should wear a coat or not, this is the time to find out!

What kind of fur

The most important factor to determine whether a dog needs a waterproof dog coat is its fur. Dogs either have a single or a double-layered fur. When a dog has double-layered fur, it gets enough warmth from its own fur and does not need a coat to stay warm. Large and longhaired dogs usually have double-layered fur. On the opposite, small and short-haired dogs have single-layered fur. These dogs do not get enough warmth and benefit from the extra warmth a coat brings. The same goes for sick dogs, who have a weaker defence system and cannot keep themselves warm. Additionally, dogs that live outside all year will adapt to the cold and do not need a coat.

Why does a dog need a coat?

There are multiple reasons why a dog needs a coat. The most important one is to keep your dog warm, especially in winter. People dress up warm during cold days, so why shouldn’t we do the same to our dogs. Another reason to give a dog a waterproof dog coat, is protect it from the rain. When you take your dog for a walk in the rain, you make sure you put on a raincoat or take an umbrella with you so you will stay dry. By letting your dog wear a raincoat he will not be completely wet when you get home. Most dog raincoats have an extra advantage because they have reflective strips, making your dog visible in the dark. A final reason to give your dog a coat is to keep it warm after a shower or a swim.

What size should the coat be?

If you decide to buy a waterproof coat for your dog, make sure you get a coat that fits your dog well. When you measure, make sure you start at its neck and measure until the start of its tail. Also make sure your dog is comfortable and has enough room to move around properly.

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