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Make Your Valentine’s Day Celebration Extra Special

Every year that special day comes when the power of your love is put to the test, and you had better not blow it! This could be an anniversary, oh, they most certainly count as one, but today we are going to focus on the day we share with everybody else on the planet when the calendar is marked with the shape of a big red heart – Valentine’s Day! Around 7 Million Australians celebrate the day annually (at least the ones who know what’s good for them), so you will be in good company. As for the rest of the population, they are either not currently in a relationship, or are no longer in a relationship (possibly because they didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day).

Anyone who has ever been in love, or even just tried to be, understands the basics of this ancient tradition. No matter what, it is essential that the Three Valentine’s Day Requirements are met: Flowers, Chocolates, Dinner for Two, and Chocolates. Oh, yes, I did list chocolates twice, that’s because they are the most essential gift of all, in fact, they must not be neglected, because nothing says ‘true love’ like a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Make no mistake, it needs to happen, so look here for chocolate delivery in Melbourne, they will make sure your special someone knows you mean business when they show up with that mouth-watering box of sumptuous delights!

While the Three Requirements are non-negotiable, they can be accentuated by extras, fun things couples can do together to get even more out of the special day, that will whet their appetites for the dinner. So, do the flowers first thing, because it’s a nice simple gesture! Then, following that most auspicious start, try out these surefire winners:

A Spa Date – A little bit of planning could make this happen in the comfort of your own home, but for maximum effect try to find a quality spa in your area that features a professional massage, a toasty sauna, a dip in a luxurious herbal bath, and a glass of champagne to finish all that sensual pleasure off with.

Create A Romantic Playlist – Full disclosure, I’m so old we used to call these ‘love tapes’, but, like true love, the concept stands the test of time no matter what the format. Ahead of time, each partner should prepare one for the other (no eavesdropping!), with the idea of picking a mix of songs that describe your special feelings and that is sure to cause swooning delight, then play them for each other on the day. Always be sure to mix in an old shared favourite or two so you can reminisce about the wonderful times you have had! “Remember when we heard this on our first date?” How romantic is that? Trust me kids, it works!

I hope this at least gives you some inspiration to make Valentine’s Day something to be treasured! Don’t forget the chocolates!

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